• Able Made x Neighborwoods

    Able Made Series (Episode 6): Able Made x Neighborwoods from Able Made on Vimeo.

    Deroy and Hyperakt created this brilliant branding system for The Harlem Stories Project, "born out of Harlem itself. Inspired by Harlem’s street grid, the vibrancy of its murals and its theater marquees, the brand embodies the energy and dynamism of the neighborhood. The staggered, stenciled typography embodies confident urgency and youthful urbanity. The interplay of three colors suggests the collaborative nature of an organization servicing a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic population."

    We decided doing a special edition of Harlem coasters for The Harlem Stories Project would be a great way to help the community. Through purchasing the Harlem coaster set through Able Made, you'll be helping fund youth arts and creative expression in Harlem. We're pleased as pie being a part of helping youth and arts in Harlem. 

    Let us know what you think! 

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